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Biology is the world’s most advanced technology. mRNA vaccines, cancer therapies, and alternative meats are the nascent products of a biotechnology revolution. Within our lifetimes, many things that we take for granted might be made with biology.

Today, cells are engineered mostly through trial-and-error. But as we seek to design increasingly complex biology, this approach will fail. We want biological engineering to be a quantitative and predictable field.

Asimov is building a suite of tools, cell lines, genetic parts, and CAD software. We use them to engineer cells to perform functions that would otherwise be impossible. We recruit people with broad backgrounds in software engineering, synthetic biology, biophysics, automation, education, and community-building. Together, we aim to democratize access to biological design tools so that more people can reliably design biology in sophisticated ways. View open positions.

If we’re successful, much of what we use in our everyday world — food, medicines, and clothes — could be a product of genetic engineering. Things that are already produced by genetic engineering — insulin, CAR-T cancer therapies, pest-resistant crops, and mosquitoes that curb disease — will become cheaper and more accessible.

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